Friday, 31 January 2014

22 Hallucinogenic / Folked / Soul / Psych(s)

Pass The Psychedelics
PBP (A Pete Beaver Production) Dec/12
1: Gary Davidson - Waves
2: Madeline Bell - You Walked Away
3: The Original Black Sheep (Of The Family) - Love Song (So Long)
4: Laurene Lavallis - Love Don't Change

5: Hollywood Jills - Your Sometimes Love
6: Lost Weekend - Trouble
7: The Derek Lawrence Statement - I Am The Preacher
8: Sidney Owens & The North South Connection - Sputnik
9: Willie Smith Jr - Common Touch
10: Ed Powers - Brotherhood
11: Sole Inspiration - Life

12: The Soultans - Rain Down Soul
13: City Limits - Crystal Ball
14: Maurice Brooks - Once I Was A Colored Man
15: Mosaic Tweed - Coming Home
16: Nexus - Living Wheel

17: Gerald Wayne - Now I Can See You
18: The Royal Jesters - I Just Fell For You
19: Majik - Take Me There
20: Purple Snow - Down By The River
21: Colt Revolver - The Bottle
22: Sojourner Truth - Summertime



  1. Awesome, this is great. Thanks PB!

  2. PB, I think the file is corrupt?

  3. Man my webspace is so temperamental. Will upload it again now, try again later and let me know please, Fernando.

  4. Peter, works like a charm, thank you again for taking the time to do this, highly appreciated and hope I can reciprocate in some way in due course.

  5. Yup, does work. Thanks Peter.

  6. Hello. I just wanted to thank you for all the mixes you've posted up over the years on this blog and other sites. I've heard some amazing music. Cheers. Dean.

  7. thank you Peter for all the wonderful music on your blog. u really have an excellent music taste. i'm desperately looking for a high quality rip (320 kbps mp3) of Bobby Hebb's Evil Woman. i would be very happy if u could repost your 'On In The Spirit' comp., where this particular track is featured. best and big thx in advance. El Topo

    1. El Topo,
      Doing it for you as I type. Will be live in about an hour.