Thursday, 3 September 2009

Folk Funk & Stoned Soul

Folk Funk & Stoned Soul:
A Pete Beaver Compilation - Nov 2005.
01. Eunice Collins - At The Hotel (Mod Art '45)
02. Bonnie Dobson - Winters Going (RCA 'LP)
03. Young Beat Blue Comets - Scarborough Fair (Columbia 'LP)
04. The Monticellos - Plaid Stamps (Cool '45)
05. Lee Moses - Never In My Life (Dynamo '45)
06. Count Yates - At The Soul Inn (New Bag '45)
07. Max Romeo - Wha Yu Ago Tell Jah Say (White '45)
08. Roger Webb - Incantation (De Wolfe 'LP)
09. Lilly - Hot or Cold (Dove 'LP)
10. Jeremiah People - Take It Slow (Light 'LP)
11. Roberta Flack - Business Goes On As Usual (Atlantic 'LP)
12. Tim Rose - Hey Joe (Columbia '45)
13. Alan Trajan - Speak To Me Clarissa (MCA '45)
14. Billy Garner - I Got Some (New Day '45)
15. Them - Its All Over Now, Baby Blue (Decca '45)
16. Jeanette Baker - Vacation From My Mind (Astro Nett '45)
17. Gal Costa - Baby (Philips 'LP)
18. The Monkees - Porpoise Song (Colgems 'LP)
19. Monkees - Spoken Interlude (Colgems 'LP)
20. Dion - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Laurie '45)
21. People - Glastonbury (Deram '45)
22. Wille Tee - First Taste Of Hurt (Gatur '45)
23. Lee Jones & The Sounds Of Soul - This Heart Is Haunted (Amy '45)
24. Sam Gopal - The Sky Is Burning (Stable 'LP)
25. John Fitch & Associates - Romantic Attitude (Beacon '45)


  1. Some great stuff there buddy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Hi Peter, i'm loving these compilations so much! Really pleased to have found your blog. I can't seem to get any joy with this Folk Funk though - it's the one that led me here. Is it still up? Is there anywhere I else I could find it? Thanks, Tom

  4. Tom,

    This will be back up today under my webspace



  5. doesn't seem to be working ... has the upload expired? Would love to listen to this mix. Thanks!

  6. Looking forward to it, thank you.

  7. Would love to see a label pic of the Jeremiah People on Light, as my copy of the LP containing "Take It Slow" is on Continental Records out of Tarzana, CA. To my knowledge, "Take It Slow" isn't on any of their Light releases. The track that follows "Take It Slow" ("All The Way"), is a true gem as well.

  8. First compilation I downloaded from your blog. Feeling like a little child in a candy store. So many good songs, so many new songs & styles of music to be discovered. Played the first three songs so far - and loved them all. All is new and exciting to me... Thanks for this great compilation of yours. Just love homemade compilations. Best way to discover new music... THANKS THANKS THANKS

  9. Any chance for a new link? This looks fantastic!