Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Free Soul - 2011

And so it goes....... In the early '90s at the heart of the Rare Groove scene a load of off-shoot genres surfaced into the soul fraternity, one of those being coined by the ever eager Japanese enthusiast, this term was 'Free Soul', which was a laid back groove with a folk/funk soul feel that opened up a million and one opportunities when spinning through those lame ass '70s white rock LPs that languished at the bottom of the 'never played' pile, there was always 'that' hidden gem amongst the other 9 or 10 pieces of dross that lay within the waiting grooves, like that proverbial diamond in the rust..... Fast forward 20 so years and this is my interpretation of the Free Soul genre, some well known tracks alongside some ultra rare '45 only spins that outside of this compilation are rarely - if ever heard and known only by the chosen few.......a world of wonder awaits.

Love, Peace, The Universal

Pete Beaver Feb 2011

Free Soul - 2011
PBP - Feb 20/120
01: Ned Doheny - Get It Up For Love
02: Ethell Beatty - It's Your Love
03: Sons Of The Kingdom - Hey There
04: Fifth Avenue Band - One Way Or The Other
05: America - Ventura Highway
06: Easy - Amy
07: Weekend - Too Bad
08: Sopwith Camel - Fazon
09: Country Living - Country Living
10: Batteaux - High Tide
11: Grassroots - You And Love Are The Same
12: Rob Cummings - Walking Around
13: Hoover - Leave That For Memories
14: New Hope - Let Us Be One
15: Marsha Wilson - Love Is Gonna Get You
16: Jeanette Baker - Vacation From My Mind
17: Frank Hutson - Old Man Me
18: Monopoly - Things I Could Be
19: Elderberry Jak - Forest In The Mountain
20: Fleur De Lys - Crazy How Love Slips Away
21: The Youngbloods - Sunlight
22: Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You
23: Montgomery Movement - Who
24: Means Of Persuasion - One Way Street
25: Ann Bogus - Don't Ask Me To Love Again


  1. Thank you for amazing compilations!

    I wish I could give something i return.. Maby you like this;


  2. "Free Soul" is fantastic. Are your old mixes still available anywhere? I can't seem to view http://funkthebeaver.co.uk/ on my server.
    Thank you!

  3. agreed! i'd love to listen to the older mixes :)

  4. I will get around to re-upping all the old stuff soon as I can.

  5. Can't wait to give this compilation a listen. "Free Soul"... never heard that term before... But all the "Free Soul" songs I have listened to since I first came across that term yesterday have been truly a world of wonder... Been listening to music 25 years straight - and still discovering new stuff all the time... nice nice nice! Yesterday I was looking for the song "Mellaa - Free"... Found a nice post about it here: http://soundboutique.blogspot.com/2011/01/mellaa-free.html - - - And only a day later some searching and listening brought me to your blog... :)